22Aug, 2023


Together with Asia University leaders, after presentation on their own schools

Teladan High School participates in the Taiwan Experience Education Program in two major cities in Taiwan, namely Taichung and Taipei for 5 days from August 14 to 18, 2023. This program was initiated and supported by the Taiwan Education Center Surabaya, Indonesia (TECSID) where its office at Airlangga University in Surabaya and coordinated by Asia University and supported by the Taiwan Economic and Trade Office (TETO). According to Prof. Chen Yinghuei, as the person in charge of TECSID, who is also the Dean of Asia University explained that the aim of the Taiwan Experience Education Program is to explore possibilities for establishing partnerships (collaboration) with high schools in Taiwan. In addition, this activity is also to introduce the leading universities in Taiwan. SMAN 1 Yogyakarta attended the activity along with 4 other high schools in Indonesia, they are: SMA Muh 3 Yogyakarta, SMA Santo Kolase Malang, SMA Dharma Loka Pekanbaru, and SMA Muh Trensain Sragen. The activity was attended by Mr. Sarno R Sudibyo, M.Pd., representing the Principal of Teladan High School. While in Taiwan, the Indonesian Delegation visited two High Schools and four Universities, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office in Taipei, and had City Tour to Sun Moon Lake and the Mall 101.  This activity is actually a series of previous TECSID programs in Indonesia started by visiting to schools, including to SMAN 1 Yogyakarta and conducting the educational exhibition located at Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University.

The first school visited was Taichung Second Senior High School. The Indonesian delegation was welcomed by Hui Hua Hsu as the Director of the school and the all leaders and teachers. This program was also attended by Prof. Chen Yinghuei guiding the discussion. Director Hsu explained that Taichung Second Senior High School was a public school that had been established during the Japanese occupation. This school has held the international collaborations with Japan, USA, India and has an international class program in Mathematics in which English as the instruction language. Learning activities start from 08.00 to 17.00. There are 35 students in every class. There is similarity to the  high schools in Indonesia where teaching and learning activities start from  07.00 to 15.30 which has  36 students in every class.

Director of Taichung Second Senior High School, Hui Hua Hsu, gives souvenir to Pak Sarno, SMAN 1 Yogyakarta, ,accompanied by Prof. Chen

The second school visited was Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School in Taipei City. The Indonesian delegation, accompanied by Jeanie Mao, Assistant Professor of Asia University, was welcomed by Principal Sun Ming-Fong and several staff. Mr. Fong explained that the school he leads is a public school which has a fairly large number of students, namely 2,400 students. The excellence of this school is in Mathematics and Science. One of the alumni, Yuan Tseh Lee, is the Nobel Prize recipient in Chemistry in 1986. Potential partnerships that can be built with the two schools include student exchanges, collaborative projects, and online public lectures in Mathematics and Science. The superior focus of the two schools and SMAN 1 Teladan Yogyakarta is very open to the possibility of collaboration in Mathematics and Science, for example collaborative projects, as dissemination of student research results. It is ideal if there is  follow-up to this collaborative project by publishing English scientific journals. The both activities are of course good point to improve the students' English skills and increase their global insight.

The four universities visited were: 1) China Medical University; 2) Asia University; 3) National Chung Hsing University; and 4) National Chengchi University. China Medical University is the leading medical university in Taiwan, ranked 265th in the world. Its advantages include integrating the European and Chinese health sciences, chemotherapy systems, diabetes, and slow speech therapy. It has well equipped and modern lab, as well as a magnificent dormitory. Asia University is the leading private university in Taiwan, classic European style with modern facilities. National Chung Hsing University is the public university which has  shady and wide campus. Its flagship faculty is Agriculture. Meanwhile, National Chengchi University is the public university in Taipei City. This university has state of the art library. The vast and magnificent library building with complete facilities is very comfortable to study. The reading room and others are designed with a variety of seasons on each floor, winter, summer, autumn and spring. The reading room leads directly to a beautiful and pleasant mountain view.

The universities in Taiwan we visited generally have dormitories located on campus so that they are quite comfortable for students. Several universities, such as Asia University, have collaborated with the several universities in Indonesia so that Indonesian students can take a double degree program. Based on the testimony of Indonesian students who took a double degree program at Asia University, Januardi, after studying seven semesters in Indonesia continued studying at Asia University for one year for the Bachelor's program and 2 years for the Master's program. Generally, Indonesian students take International Program. After being able to speak local Mandarin, students can take part time work to get their pocket money.

Celebrating the 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence at the Indonesian Trade and Economic Office in Taipei, 17 August 2023

On the fourth day of the visit, it coincided with the Commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 2023, we were invited to be have lunch and share experience each other, as well as to celebrate the Indonesian independence day at the Indonesian Trade and Economic Office in Taiwan. The Indonesian delegation was welcomed by the Head of the Republic of Indonesia's Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan, Muhammad Iqbal and The General Manager, Sri Hartanti, alumni of SMA 1 Yogyakarta, graduating in 1992. Mr. Iqbal explained that the students from Indonesia in Taiwan reached 19,000 people and quite a lot of Indonesian Labors working in Taiwan. (SRN)