10Oct, 2023


In September 28th to October 10th, 2023, SMA N 1 Yogyakarta conducted "The Japan Short Course," a program aimed at providing our students with a unique experience to understand Japan culture, language, technology, and history.


1.       Understanding Japanese Culture: Through visits to various historical and cultural sites in Japan, our students could immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of Japanese culture. They had the opportunity to explore traditional arts, cuisine, and festivals.

2.       Improving Japanese Language Skills: During the program, students attended Japanese language classes at Rikkyo University. This helped them grasp the fundamentals of the Japanese language and enhance their communication abilities during their visit.

3.       Visiting Leading Rocket Technology Research Center: Our students also had the privilege of visiting a prominent Rocket Technology Research Center in Japan. This visit aimed to provide in-depth insights into the latest rocket technology developments and understand Japan's role in space exploration. Students were given the opportunity to tour the entire research center, including laboratories and rocket testing facilities. They witnessed firsthand how scientists and engineers work to advance rocket technology.

4.       Exploring Japan via Shinkansen: Our students had the chance to explore Japan using one of the world's most iconic modes of transportation, the Shinkansen, or bullet train. The experience of riding the Shinkansen taught us some essential lessons. We learned about Japan's commitment to innovative and high-quality technology, as reflected in its transportation system. The speed and punctuality of the Shinkansen inspired us to appreciate the importance of efficiency and careful planning.

5.       Attending University Scholarship Presentations: Furthermore, students had the opportunity to attend presentations on university scholarships in Japan organized by Rikkyo University and the University of Tsukuba. These scholarship presentations offered several benefits, including gaining a better understanding of the various scholarship options available to international students. Additionally, they provided a clearer picture of application requirements, including the Japanese language proficiency tests needed for some programs. Another benefit was gaining a deeper understanding of Japan's academic culture, teaching approaches, and the facilities offered by Japanese universities. This experience opened our eyes to the educational opportunities available in this country.

Outcomes and Learning:

Participating in the Japan Short Course program is expected to provide long-term benefits to our students. They gained profound insights into Japanese culture, language, and history, enriching their understanding of the global world. Our students will receive certificates of participation in this program, which can be valuable additions to their educational journeys. Furthermore, this experience will help them develop invaluable interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and cross-cultural understanding.

We express our sincere gratitude to all those who supported this program, including sponsors, accompanying teachers, and all the students who participated with remarkable enthusiasm.